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Colour Themed Stilt Walkers

pink stilt walker

Our site is full of high impact colourful stilt walkers but on this page you will find a selection of single, double colour and monochrome stilt walkers for your events.

You may have a particular colour theme in mind, or have a promotion which you want to highlight with a stilt walker in the appropriate coloured costume - the stilt walkers here will give you some ideas from our colourful showgirls to the mysterious metallic characters.

If you don't see the colours you are looking for just let us know and we can suggest suitable acts or we can create bespoke stiltwalking characters for your event.

Trad Stilt Showgirls


Two stiltwalking Showgirls with traditional white costumes that have all the feathers, sequins and glitter you would expect.
A lovely and glamerous stilt act which works well as a meet and greet and is eyecatching in every way

Orange Flame Stilt Walkers


These firey stilt walkers are a lovely orange and yellow mix - great for fire and ice or oramge theme events where you want to hdd a bit of heat to the atmosphere.

You could combine them with our ice themed stilt walkers for a fire and ice event Read more about

White Russian Cossack


Our Cossack stilt walkers in their icy white costumes look fantastic - full of passion and brio - they will certainly add to your event

and are particularly popular during the winter at Ice Fairs and Parties and Xmas Events, but they do appear in the summertime as well.
Very interactive characters who are lots of fun they always go down well at events Read more about

Red Stilt Walker


A vibrant red costume in an unusual design

will certainly cause a few heads to turn - Read more about

Black and White Masqued Stiltwalker


This is a truly lovely costume which is great for masqued , mask balls and monochrome theme events - a stiltwalker who will attract attention

Orange Stilt Walker


A fun and friendly stiltwalker in a bright orange costume with a slightly oriental look - lots of fun for family events

She is also a fantastic balloon twister and is happy to combine her two skills Read more about

Silver Stiltwalkers


Tall, elegent, mysterious and other worldly - the costumes of these beautiful stiltwalkers are an intricate white design whilst their entire skulls are a brilliant metallic silver.

A top quality act - can be booked individually but we recommend at least a duo to maintain impact. They can combine stilt sets with ground based crytal contact juggling. Read more about

Blue Stilt Pixie


A lovely blue stilt pixie - perfect for family events, she can also balloon twist and create a range of flowers and animals, lots of interaction and a great costume with lots of attention to detail.

You can book her with pixie companions both stilt and ground to increase impact Read more about

Pink Pantomime Dame


This very pink pantomime dame is not all she appears - as one of the Ugly Sisters from Cinderella she is looking for a husband so be careful - you can book her

solo or with her sister who has a matching blue outfit
lots of fun, saucy and silly banter from this character - all in true panto style Read more about

Blue and Orange Stiltwalkers


A pair of blue and orange costumed stilt walkers who are also valloon twisters, fun and funky with lots of chatter these two are a great asset for promotions & family fun days

Can be booked as a solo or double act - they have other costume colour choices. Read more about

Masked White Stiltwalker


This stiltwalker is dressed in white detailed costume with a feather head dress and a white mask which gives carnival anonimity and mystery to this elegant figure.

The costume is illuminated and looks great for twilight and evening events Read more about

Showgirl Stiltwalker


A striking green showgirl with a lovely detailed costume - perfect for carnival events and a great meet and greet for parties

- she has a similarly costumed companion and they can be booked as a pair. They are often seen in company with our stiltwalking asian elvis Patelvis Read more about

Blue Stilt Walker


A smart blue suited stiltwalker who also has juggling skills is a great front of house and a lively stilt meet and greet as guests arrive at your party or event

You could use him to draw attention to a stand or promotion but with his mix of skills he is ideal for any occasion Read more about

Stiltwalking Geishas

A pair of lovely colourful red and blue stiltwalkers - these Geisha's will greet your guests in beautiful costumes and detailed head dresses

these oriental ladies will provide a colourful and delightful talking point. Read more about

Red Showgirl Stiltwalkers

These red stilt showgirls always make an impact with enormous feathers, lovely costumes and fabulous smiles

they are as glamorous as they look Read more about

Red Stilt Juggler


A vibrant colour and a vibrant personality combine with this red suited stilt juggler - you won't miss him as he really does stand out from the crowd

Highly skilled and lots of fun Read more about

Carnival Black & White

These monochrome stiltwalkers would not be out of place Venice or in New Orleans at Mardi Gras strutting their stuff behind a jazz band

The Black and White costumes and masks & make-up create a high impact act with lots of energy. Read more about

Gold Giant Stiltwalkers


These Giant Gold Stilt walkers attract attention wherever they go - moving in unison they create a mysterious spectacle and always create a stir

perfect for entrances or as a walkabout -you can book them solo or as a duo or trio for a magical effect Read more about

Pink Fairy Stilt Walker


You can't get pinker than this delightful fairy - a bright vibrant pink dress with matching wings she stands on tip toes to grant wishes and sprrinkle fairy dust

A lovely act for children's events or any pink themed party Read more about

Red Moulin Rouge Stiltwalker


A sassy red stilt walker who is a fun meet and greet for parties and balls - perfect for carnival, moulin rouge and masked ball themes

Pink and Black Couple


This uppercrust couple could be guests at a wedding or attending a ball - they don't need an occasion to dress up as they are already the perfect couple

they can also be booked solo or as a stilt and ground act Read more about

Black Stilt Walkers


Our stilt walker men in black are perfect as extra large doormen and a fun meet and greet or walkabout for parties

you can combine them with any of our bright and colourful stilt walkers for a complete contrastCan be booked solo or as a duo, trio or quartet. Read more about

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