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Character Stiltwalkers

Character Stiltwalkers


Stilt Walker

Our Character stiltwalkers cover a whole range from our comic asian elvis patelvis with his showgirl companions to sporting gent and sassy sailors . There are lots of stilt walkers to choose from and they are all very visual - whether you want a comic stilt character or a glamorous stilt figure we have a magnificent selection of stilt walkers - we have tried to put them into catagiories to make it easier for you but some defy description so have a browse through and if you don't see quite what you are looking for just give us a call.

Bo -Peep Stilt Walker


This not so little Bo-peep stiltwalker is a charming young lady who is in distress having lost her sheep

- so she's busy seeking help from any gentlemen she can find - lots of fun and very interactive and of course all in the best possible taste! Read more about

Stiltwalking Cinderella & Prince Charming


A duo of classic pantomime stiltwalkers - cinderella is all dressed up for the ball and has found her prince charming - lovely romantic fairytale costumes

perfect for pantomime or fairytale themes Read more about

Genii Stiltwalker


This beautifully costumesd stilt genii has come sdtraight out of the arabian nights - a perfect character for pantomime or eastern theme events

Stilt Walking Air Hostesses


These Ladies are very tall and may be flying on a jumbo jet - perfect for meet and greet they will welcome your guests and you can be sure they won't forget the safety announcements - a quirky and fun stilt act

Lots of fun and always popular Read more about

Monk Stilt walkers


This trio of stilt walking monks want to spread peace and joy through the world - we don't know what religious denomination they belong to - they aren't even sure themselves

they are out to spread the word - and will even marry couples if they are given a chance Read more about

Polite Police


This stilt walker is a policeman with a difference - he's a member of the elite polite squad making sure we keep our manners.
He may be the long leg of the law but he's never abrupt and always minds his p's and q's.

A fun interactive act - we also have polite policewomen Read more about

Ugly Sister Stiltwalkers


These two Ugly sisters are very concerned that they look just right for when prince charming arrives - they spend their time primping and preaning and love to go shopping in the high street or check out the other ladies dress sense at an event

Lots of fun as these pantomime characters interact with each other and the public - can also be booked solo Read more about

Disco Diva Stilt Walkers


This pair of dancing disco diva's will love to get in the groove - the cheesier the music better qand they will have your guests up and dancng with them in no time - a great ice breaker for parties that will have the dance floor full in no time

A lively and interactive act Read more about

Moulin Rouge Character Stiltwalker


A cabaret or moulin rouge themed stilt walking character - she looks lovely and will bring a touch of glamour to your event

Stilt Chimney Sweep


Our Stilt Sweep is in a bit of trouble as he has become stuck up his chimney -

too much bread and dripping no doubt but he is stuck fast and cannot get out. Lots of cockney chatter with the public as he tries to free himself and asks for helpful suggestions Read more about

Clown Stiltwalkers


Big and Colourful costumes only matched by their big and colourful characters these clown stilt walkers are great for family or circus themed events

They are also excellent balloon twisters and can be accompanied by a ground based clown character Read more about

Stilt Madame and Fifi the poodle


This lovely lady is never seen out without her poodle Fifi - the pampered pooch likes meeting the public and enjoys being taken for a walk

A lovely act that is enjoyed by dults and children Read more about

Asian Stilt Walking Elvis


Patelvis is the corner shop king - he always wanted to be elvis and now he has entered the murky world of looka likes and impersonaters - but he's proud of his asian origins and it can't help showing through.

A comic character with a difference Patelvis lives the dream Read more about

Pilot Stilt Walker


Chocks Away as this pilot on bouncy stilts trys to take off, he's lost his plane but is certain he can take to the air

if he can just gain enough height- steady on old boy!
Fun for all kinds of events Read more about

Fun Stilt Clown


A calssic clown on stilts - he's a very gentle character and lots of fun - the kids love him anmd he can balloon twsit as well so you get an added skill

Fun for circus and family themed events Read more about

Policeman Stiltwalker


Our stilt police are always popular at events - this victorian style policeman is very tall but will be happy to stop on his beat to tell you the time -

A great choice for family events and parades Read more about

Family Fun Stiltwalker


She is one of our many family frindly stiltwalkers - dresed in bright and cheerful costumes they are perfect for fetes and fairs, garden parties and family orientated events - most have added skills such as balloon twisting to add to the fun

Rockabilly Stilt Walkers


This pair of rockabilly stiltwalkers are lots of fun - they look great and will be happy to show your guests a few rockabilly moves

a fun dance themed meet and greet or walkabout act Read more about

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