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Carnival & Masquerade Stiltwalkers

Carnival & Masquerade Stiltwalkers

Stilt Walker - carmen miranda - carnival theme

Our stiltwalkers for carnival and masquerade theme events are full of colour and life.
From Rio to Venice wherever carnival is celebrated in it's many forms the costumes are always eyecatching and strong.
With the added effect for Masquerade or Mask Balls of beautiful and intricate masks you will find a whole range of stilt walkers to choose from.
Celebration, fun and elegance are essential parts of the mix and there are lots of different styles to choose - if you don't spot quite just what you are looking for just let us know your ideas and we will help.

Showgirl Stiltwalker


A striking green showgirl with a lovely detailed costume - perfect for carnival events and a great meet and greet for parties

- she has a similarly costumed companion and they can be booked as a pair. They are often seen in company with our stiltwalking asian elvis Patelvis Read more about

Carmen Miranda


Carmen will dance in her fruit hat while her companion plays along - these two stiltwalkers are the spirit of Carnival colourful and fun -

and carmen is never short of a banana or a pineapple so she's great for healthy eating campaigns as well. Read more about

White Showgirls


These lovely showgirls in their white and blue costumes are great for carnival and ice themed events or anywhere a touch of glamour is essential

Lots of feathers and fantastic headdresses - they must be seen Read more about

French showgirl


A stiltwalker in a real french showgirl style - this costume works for carnival and for moulin rouge themed events - it's lots of fun

and the monochrome look makes it very eyecatching Read more about

Trad Stilt Showgirls


Two stiltwalking Showgirls with traditional white costumes that have all the feathers, sequins and glitter you would expect.
A lovely and glamerous stilt act which works well as a meet and greet and is eyecatching in every way

Black and White Masqued Stiltwalker


This is a truly lovely costume which is great for masqued , mask balls and monochrome theme events - a stiltwalker who will attract attention

Stiltwalking Dragonflies


These Pink Dragonflies have a carnival air and their style is fimly 1920's with their flapper bobs and head dresses - bubbly and fun

perfect for carnival, environmental and 1920's theme events or as a fun eyecatching addition to a party. Read more about

Stiltwalking Flamingos


These stilt pink flamingos are just great fun for carnival, environmental or pink themed events you don't really need an excuse to book them

wonderful as a meet and greet and are as cheeky as they look Read more about

Red Showgirl Stiltwalkers

These red stilt showgirls always make an impact with enormous feathers, lovely costumes and fabulous smiles

they are as glamorous as they look Read more about

Masqued Stiltwalker


This stiltwalking masqued or masked lady is wearing a lovely flowing black costume with a corset top and contrasting mask and gloves - elegent and eyecatching

a lovely combination which works for masked balls and victorian theme events Read more about

Carnival Black & White

These monochrome stiltwalkers would not be out of place Venice or in New Orleans at Mardi Gras strutting their stuff behind a jazz band

The Black and White costumes and masks & make-up create a high impact act with lots of energy. Read more about

Stilt Carnival Gent


this elegant dandy and burlesque Gent Stiltwalker is a great meet and greet for carnival parties - he loves to appear masked to add to the sense of mystery as he meets guests

as he loves interacting with the public - Read more about

Masked White Stiltwalker


This stiltwalker is dressed in white detailed costume with a feather head dress and a white mask which gives carnival anonimity and mystery to this elegant figure.

The costume is illuminated and looks great for twilight and evening events Read more about

Carnival Masked Duo


These two masked stiltwalkers are lots of fun - slightly louche they could be found in the moulin rouge or on the streets of New Orleans enjoying the carnival atmosphere -

they might be seen on the bawdier side of the venetian carnival, you can certainly be guaranteed that they will bring some life and soul to any party. Read more about

Stilt Bird of Paradise


A magical Bird stiltwalker in the tradition of carnival stilt walkers appearing as visually dramatic birds, animals and fantasy creatures

- it's a very eyecatching costume performed on traditional peg stilts and is always popular as it is so visually appealing Read more about

Unicorn Stiltwalker


The Unicorn is a mysterious and elegant beast and our stiltwalking Unicorn certainly does it justice - this stiltwalker is perfect for masked balls, carnival themed events a

and for anything that wants some inspired but elegant fantasy added. Read more about

Carnival Girl


A fun and upbeat carnival stiltwalker - rainbow outfit and lots of colour from feathers and accessories

- she can perform with or without a mask Read more about

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